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Welcome to Benington Images

My name is Andrew Woodruff and I am available for photo shoots specializing in the following for brochures, websites, sales information and more:

Homes & Villas
Resorts and Hotels
Resturants and Gourmet Food

I have had many years in the yachting industry and charter business and understand the marketing shots required to produce a great looking website or brochure for yachts, catamarans through to the biggest of motor yachts.

I can assure not only great photos but pictures that capture the very essence of what you are looking to convey to your guests.

You may contact me at:

Thank you for visiting my gallery.

I am available for photo shoots of yachts, villas, resorts, hotels, restaurants or food to use in your websites or brochures.
If interested to learn more please contact me at or +1 284 496 7413